Seedy Saturday? Super Successful!

Seedy Saturday - Seed Lending Library

Seed Lending Library

Seedy Saturday was a big success again this year. 112 people came to the event and about 25 stayed for the Tiny Talks in the afternoon. During the first half of the day, seed vendors, a seed library, and information booths vied for the attention of the growing crowd of attendees. There was also an art corner for kids, a café that sold delicious food made from local ingredients, and a winnower set up outside to clean people’s seeds. During the second half of the day, four short presentations were given by local gardeners and farmers. The first presentation, titled “Reclaiming Soil with Hugelkultur”, was given my Denise O’Laney. She explained the benefits of a no-till approach to gardening and showed a power-point presentation which detailed the steps involved in creating a hugelkultur garden bed.
Seedy Saturday - Raffle Table.jpg

Christine Mahaits volunteering at the Raffle Table.

The second presentation was titled “Soil Health” and was given by Trevor Chandler. He spoke about the delicate ecosystem that is our soil and how to best protect and manage it. The third presentation, given by Mojave Kaplan, was titled “Integrating Seed Saving Into Your Garden”. Her power-point presentation guided us through the process of selecting fruits and vegetables from which to collect seeds. Finally, Matthew Davidson gave us a presentation titled “Amlec Food Security Project”. He told us about how the project was started, its many challenges and successes and its current situation. After each presentation, 15 minutes were allowed for questions, and in each case, we easily filled that time. The participants were eager to learn and excited by the topics.

LAFS’ table featured products from local farmers.

Photo Credit: Mischa Chandler
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