British Columbia is well known for its stunning natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle.  Among the vast forests, snow-capped mountain ranges, winding rivers and vibrant communities, you will find a dynamic and thriving agriculture and food industry, led by dedicated and innovative individuals who believe in affordable access to fresh, healthy food – food that is grown and harvested responsibly and with respect for both the environment in which it is produced and for the people who will enjoy it.

In Lillooet, this philosophy is brought to life.

The snow-capped mountains and forests lead down to a winding river valley which the town of Lillooet and the St’át’imc First Nations communities call home.  This part of British Columbia is blessed with long, hot summers and mild winters, abundant sunshine, and fertile soill.

Drop a seed in Lillooet and it will grow.

Raise a herd or flock and it will thrive.  With some of the best growing conditions in the province, Lillooet has an incredible diversity of locally grown and made produce and products.

The Lillooet Agriculture and Food Society (LAFS) supports its local farmers, ranchers, growers and other passionate individuals who are building a sustainable food system to serve local communities, the province of British Columbia and beyond.