New Area B Director Vivian Birch-Jones

Vivian and her dog Mylu

Vivian has been working with LAFS for some time now, providing amazing leadership, communications and public relations skills. As an ambassador and team member, Vivian is always full of excitement for new projects and ideas, and passionate about LAFS’ mission. Vivian is someone any organization could benefit from having, and we will certainly miss her here at LAFS, but we are excited to see her move on to a new challenge!

What made you want to become the Area B Director?
Mickey Macri wanted to retire and he was looking for a replacement and invited me to run. I had just completed many years on the BC Hydro Fish and Wildlife Compensation program Board so that freed up some time for me and I believe the skill set required is similar. Mickey has been very supportive of my running for the position and has offered me a lot of background information and coaching – this has been most helpful.

Have you always had an interest in politics?
Yes! It is a slow painful process and system but it’s ‘the best we’ve got’. I think my experience and years of community involvement and work give me some background and skills for the role.

What are the three things that are most important to you?
I am impressed with the work the SLRD has done on the Agricultural Land Use plan and the Regional Growth Strategy and look forward to contributing to that. I am also concerned that we ‘manage’ the tourism wave that is coming our way in a manner that respects the environment and conserves habitat and protected spaces. Conservation and education are key to this.

Do you have any goals/aspirations within the position?
To be a strong voice for our area (we are a rather ‘small’ population at the north end of a very busy corridor). To continue to support the agricultural sector here, which is thriving and needs to keep on thriving. Area B is a large and diverse geographical area and I look forward to hearing from constituents and bringing their concerns forward.

What are you most looking forward to within the job?
I am grateful that I was acclaimed to the position so I can start getting to know the constituents and hear about their issues immediately. It was fun to complete my campaign finance form report with a fat ‘zero’. I plan to offer a drop in forum at a local café on a regular basis to be available to constituents. I look forward to visiting the far flung corners of Area B and meeting with the groups that reside in this beautiful part of the world.
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