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If you read our blog, our saw the article in our July newsletter, then you know that Megan was working for LAFS this summer as our Loans and Grants assistant.  Here is a little bit about what she accomplished!

Megan was able to get funding from the SLRD for Lillooet Food Matters’ Mushroom workshop that happened at the end of August/beginning of September.  The event was a great success, you can read more about it on Lillooet Food Matters blog here.

The major summer project was a BC Community Gaming Grant application. We applied for funding to cover more education and outreach, and workshops for 2020.  This proved to be quite the project!

Megan also applied for a Nutrition Link grant specifically for workshops. The plan is to run a series of food preservation workshops next summer if we are successful. Workshops would follow the fruit, with a July workshop about preserving apricots, an August workshop about preserving peaches and a fall workshop for apples, plums and pears.

Part of the job this summer was to connect local producers with funding opportunities available to them. Megan reached out to several farms, and did lots of research on programs and funding available.

We were looking into funding to have a workshop/forum with keynote speakers at the end of the year. Topics would be on aspects of a food hub, for example, having someone speak on running a co-op and another speaking on distributing products as a group. Andrea Harris from the BC Co-Op Association is  keen to come and speak here in Lillooet, and we are planning to collaborate with our Community Coordinator to hold the event late this fall.

A big thank you to Megan for all of her work applying, connecting with people and researching for LAFS this summer!


“It has been a pleasure working for LAFS these past few months. I have enjoyed playing part in the inner workings of the society and seeing what is being done in our local community to support and enhance the agricultural industry. I only hope that my small role has made a valuable contribution, and that LAFS continues to be able to offer support to local farmers and a connection to the general population.” – Megan

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