Lillooet’s At the Table Event

Participants in discussion.

On September 13th 2018, to celebrate their 75th anniversary, the Vancouver Foundation hosted “On the Table BC”. It was an event hosted by communities all across BC, and the discussions were recorded to be added to the Vancouver Foundation’s research. They state, “By gathering together face-to-face and sharing food and conversation, we can learn new things about what connects us, and what we wish for.” (Vancouver Foundation website)

Inspired by this idea, the Lillooet Area Library Association and the Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society partnered to put on an event for non-profits in Lillooet on November 4th. The idea was to bring together the many different groups and active community members we have in Lillooet to see what we could work together on, and how we could collaborate to overcome challenges we all face as small non-profits and charities in a remote area.

Marianne presenting to the group.

There was a fantastic turn out, with 55 people showing up at 10am on a Sunday morning. The event was extremely well-organized, and there wasn’t a moment wasted as we moved to different groups and discussed the various topics laid out. Each group had a facilitator to keep us on track, and we found many common areas that we would all like to see worked on.

Marianne Gagnon and Toby Mueller from the Lillooet Library, as well as Jacquie Rasmussen from the Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society, were in charge of organizing this great gathering, a huge thank you to them for getting us all together to foster future collaborations. As LAFS we are excited about partnering with some of the many initiatives in town to work towards common goals.

Here’s to communication, collaboration and community!
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