Wildfire Recovery Support Program

The Wildfire Recovery Support Program hosted by Community Futures offers hands on support to businesses, including those involved in agriculture, who have been affected by the 2017 wildfires and associated road closures.
Community Futures has hired Business Ambassadors to work with businesses to offer referrals and assistance. This includes grant application assistance, agricultural supports, Health and Wellness programming and other financial opportunities such as supplemented business loans.
Angela Bissat is the Business Ambassador for the Lillooet area, focusing on meeting with owner/operators from all business sectors including agriculture.
A brief questionnaire will identify individual needs; then opportunities for assistance and referrals can be identified. Results will be used for statistical tracking and to identify programs that may support the business.
The Red Cross Wildfire Recovery Program is now in effect and the application window is open through April 6, 2018. If your business was affected by the wildfires and associated road closures in 2017, please contact Angela Bissat at 778.207.0588 or angela@cfsun.ca with any questions or to schedule an appointment.
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