New Code of Practice: Agriculture Environmental Management (AEM Code)

The BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has recently released a Code of Practice for Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM Code). This new regulation is set up to ensure the protection of drinking water, watercourses and air.

This applies to all agricultural operations in BC; from small hobby farms to large scale commercial operations.

This code applies to you if you do any of the following activities on your farm:

  • Agricultural composting
  • Growing plants
  • Keeping livestock or poultry
  • Spreading manure, fertilizer or other nutrient sources
  • Storing manure or other agricultural by-products
  • Using boilers and heaters
  • Using and storing wood residue

We have added this resource to our database, so you can learn more about the requirements of this code, how the code will be enforced, and what you need to do.

You can find out more about the AEM code by visiting the BC government website.

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