Lavender Lovin’

lavender Ravenwood Wildcraft & Healing arts is a business based in the Bridge River Valley that creates local, wildcrafted soaps, body butters, bath salts, massage candles & much more using sustainable, seasonal harvested plants. Recently, Jennifer, who runs the business, created lavender oil rollers using lavender that was grown at the Old Airport Gardens. According to Jennifer, lavender is known for helping to calm, relax and balance emotions, as well as for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil can be rolled on temples, pulse points, sore muscles, wounds, sunburns or just for Lavender Love. Old Airport Gardens is also planning on producing lavender essential oils with all the lavender they’ve been growing. They hope to put Lillooet on the map as a lavender destination. They currently have bundles available for sale. Stop by and get yours!  
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