Farmer Focus: Rainshadow Growers

Brett Bojarski and Christoph Miles have had a busy spring. On June 5th, the Rainshadow Growers were joined by a small group of helpers and, together, transplanted a large portion of the 2,500 tomato plants, 1,000 melons and 1,000 hot peppers that they are growing this year. The two farmers were proud to say that all the varieties that were planted that day (12 tomato, 7 hot pepper and 6 melon), were open-pollinated heritage varieties. Most of the tomatoes were grown from seeds that they harvested themselves last fall. This year, they will once again harvest tomato seeds and will even attempt to harvest melon seeds, a challenging undertaking due to melons’ tendency to cross-pollinate. To avoid this, they plan on growing a plot specifically for this purpose. Christoph and Brett are currently farming on 4 different properties. They lease half an acre in East Lillooet where they grow sweet corn, as well as an acre on Roshard Road. They are also caretaking an orchard on Roshard Road and growing at the Texas Creek Ranch. The duo sells their produce every week at the Whistler’s Farmers Market, as well as to many restaurants in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Soon, they—df   will also be selling to The Kitchen at Fort Berens. What’s next for the Rainshadow Growers? Christoph Miles says they have been thinking of setting up a Farm Stand on Roshard Road. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that they do! IMG_20170607_195145_614
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