Agritourism Strategy Survey

LAFS is currently working on an Agritourism Strategy as part of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Electoral Area B, District of Lillooet and St’át’imc  Agricultural Plan. The objective of the Strategy is to identify the key priorities and actions required to promote existing agritourism businesses, support prospective agritourism businesses and raise the visibility of Lillooet, the Northern St’at’imc territories and Electoral Area B (defined as “local”  and “community” for the purpose of this survey) as an agritourism destination.  Our research includes this six question survey. For the purpose of this survey, “agritourism” is defined as: Visitor experiences that include an agriculture or agrifood component as the primary experiential activity or consumer good.  This includes but is not limited to farm and ranch visitation and accommodation; local food-based hospitality and retail sales; agriculture and agrifood-based artisanal products; educational and cultural activities; and festivals and events. If you own a local agritourism business, work for an agritourism business, wish to start an agritourism business or you provide support services to agritourism businesses, we want to hear from you.  Click here to take the survey.
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