Survey Results Are In!

In January 2018, LAFS surveyed the Lillooet Community to get feedback on the Grow Forward Workshops that were held in 2017, and to get suggestions for future workshops. The survey was filled out by 41 people. Below are the results of the survey. Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4  
“Great work. But at my stage of life, it’s mostly for fun that I would attend.”
“BC Food systems Network gathering here? Fruit Gleaning project of LFM taken over by someone else with funding for coordinator?”
“Give more time to notify participants of workshops.”
“Making a plant/seed trade would be awesome.”
“I thought that the venue for the pruning workshop at Bridge River was excellent. There was lots of parking available and it was easy to find.”
“Keep it going!”
“I don’t attend as I don’t handle group situations well, so it isn’t lack of interest that keeps me from attending. Your efforts to provide this critical information are appreciated!”
“Thank you for all that your group does for the Lillooet community.”
“Good job with organizing workshops and keeping people informed.”
“Looking forward to the learning!”
“Great initiative and thanks to the LAFS Society”
“You’re awesome!”
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